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My Investment Philosophy on the best ways to invest.

My Investment Philosophy

Paul Abele has been advising people about their investments for more than 32 years, and he looks forward to being your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Because everyone's investment objectives are unique, Paul uses a client-centric approach to investment planning, providing you with logical and prudent investment advice. We are located in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Efficient Markets

I believe that the stock market is efficient, and we feel it is very hard to outperform the market by picking individual stocks. To implement this strategy, we use institutional funds that target a specific asset class or asset classes. These funds are low in relative cost and low in turnover. Low turnover funds usually have lower capital gains and, we believe, better performance over the long run.


Paul use passively managed institutional funds to invest in securities which represent the characteristics of certain asset classes, such as large cap or small cap stocks. These passively managed funds use consistent strategy for the securities that they invest in. This is important, because some actively managed funds are not always consistent with their investment style. Actively managed funds sometimes chase hot asset classes, sectors, or stocks, and we believe this can ultimately undermine your asset allocation strategy.

*Please read the prospectus before investing in any mutual fund.

Market Timing

Put simply, I do not believe in market timing at all.


I believe the bond market is efficient, and that longer maturities are typically not worth the risk. We usually stay short term with our bond funds, and we diversify around the world.


Neither the information presented nor any opinion expressed constitutes a representation by us of a specific investment or the purchase or sale of any securities. Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.