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NY Times Best Selling Book:
The Investment Answer

No more playing bridge - he jokingly accuses his brain surgeon of robbing him of the gray matter that contained all the bidding strategy. But when Mr. Murray, a former bond salesman for Goldman Sachs who rose to the managing director level at both Lehman Brothers and Credit Suisse First Boston, decided to cease all treatment five months ago for his glioblastoma (a type of brain cancer), his first impulse was not to mourn what he couldn't do anymore or to buy an island or to move to Paris. Instead, he hunkered down in his tiny home office here and channeled whatever remaining energy he could muster into a slim paperback. It's called The Investment Answer, and he wrote it with his friend and financial adviser Daniel Goldie to explain investing in a handful of simple steps.

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"Gordon Murray and Dan Goldie have written a book that every American should read. Its clarity de-mystifies the investment process and its insights can make anyone who reads it a better investor."
~ Bill Bradley (Former United States Senator)

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