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Helping with Your Investment Needs

Sit down with Paul and let him help you put together an investment portfolio that fits your risk profile. He knows you have worked hard for your money, and it is his duty to listen to you and give you his best advice. He is here to help you and your family members.

Risk Factors

Paul Abele believes strongly in the Nobel Prize-winning Efficient Market Theory that states all information (both public and private) are priced into the current market price of each stock that trades on a public exchange. Unknown events move the stock market, and attempting to foresee the future is elusive at best.

Our Philosophy

I am proud to offer a complimentary book, that helps you better understand the complicated world of investments. Gordon Murray, a banker with a diagnosis of terminal cancer, wrote it in his last months, hoping to pass his considerable knowledge on.

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About Us

Paul W. Abele has been in the wealth management business for more than 32 years. He believes strongly in the Efficient Market Theory, which states that all available information — public as well as insider — is priced into the current market price. The chance of trying to beat the market's returns has proven over time to be elusive. That is why we want to own the whole market here and around the world. Based near Birmingham, Alabama, we do this by buying passively managed mutual funds that own the markets. We believe that investing in this manner, and charging what we believe to be low fees, is the best way to service our clients' needs.

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